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Newton Bible Christian School
Helping Families Make Disciples of Christ

School Starts at 8:30 a.m.

School Dismisses at 3:30 p.m.


Newton Bible Christian School

900 Old Main St

Newton, KS 67114

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What is the purpose of Newton Bible Christian School?

Newton Bible Christian School exists as an extension of Newton Bible Church to assist believing families in the fulfillment of their responsibility to nurture children in the development of a Bible centered world view and a practical lifestyle that reflects Christ’s Lordship. We desire to provide a highly academic education program with qualified teachers. This is integrated with a biblical worldview.

What is our relationship to Newton Bible Church?

We are a ministry begun by and supported by Newton Bible Church. We use the church building and report to the congregation quarterly about what is happening at NBCS.

Who can attend NBCS?

Newton Bible Christian School is open to any family who desires a Christ-centered education for their children. Families must be interviewed by the principal and a school board member before acceptance.

What curriculum is used at NBCS?

We use curriculum from Bob Jones Press and A Beka Books. Both are traditional and approach all subjects with a biblical world view. These textbook companies have withstood the test of time and are continually updating their material to be relevant.

What extracurricular activities are offered?

Music and Physical Education are a part of each school week. Band is offered to students in grades 5-8.

Art and computer are taught by classroom teachers. Athletics are offered based on interest in the student body.

What is discipline like at NBCS?

We have a strict standard of discipline expecting students to be respectful and responsible. Students are expected to work hard and be obedient to authority with a good attitude. When a student does not meet the standard of discipline that student is corrected and counseled based on God’s Word with the hope that he will change attitudes and behavior that are inappropriate. We also expect students to be kind and courteous to other students at all times.

Who are our teachers?

Our teachers are committed believers who are competent in education of children.

Who is our school board?

Most of our school board members are chosen by Newton Bible Church members.  Up to two “at large” board members are chosen from school families.

What is expected of parents at Newton Bible Christian School?

We expect parents to support the school by speaking positively of it to others and in front of their children. We have many opportunities for parents who wish to volunteer to help with school activities.

Where do NBCS students go for high school?                             

Our students are well prepared for any area high school. Those families who prefer a Christian education for high school choose from Berean Academy, Elyria Christian School, or Life Prep (Wichita). Others send their children to area public high schools.

Is there a dress code for students at NBCS?

Students at Newton Bible do follow a dress code. We expect students to be neat and clean. Junior high students wear pants and collared shirts.

What is the cost for sending a child to NBCS?

You will find that we are priced competitively with area private schools. For current tuition prices, visit our website and click on the tab labeled Prospective Families. Private education is costly, but it should be viewed as an investment in your child’s future.

Is there financial aid available?

Financial grants are possible for qualified families.

What are the steps for applying to Newton Bible Christian School?

  1. Complete an application either using the online form or requesting one from the office.
  2. Complete a parent interview with the principal and school board member.
  3. Students will take a grade level placement test given by the teacher or principal.
  4. Receive a letter of acceptance.

Click here to see a more detailed Admissions Checklist. 

How can I find out more about Newton Bible Church and School?

Visit our website for more information. Newtonbible.org or Newtonbiblechristianschool.org

You can also request to visit the school and meet with our principal. In order to set up your appointment call the school office at 316-283-1337 and ask to talk to the school office manager or principal.