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Newton Bible Christian School

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The Cost of Christian Education - Part I

The Cost of Christian Education, part 1

Five Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Investment


It’s not a secret. Christian education is costly. Parents sacrifice much to send their children to a school that is funded only by tuition payments and donations. Donors invest thousands of dollars in Christian education each year. At Newton Bible our budget expects donations to make up about 30 percent of our budget-and every year we are amazed at God’s provision! Many parents begin the school simply trusting that God will provide, but not knowing how He do this. We know that the decision for Christian school is worth it, but it feels like it costs much.  How can parents and families make the most out of this costly investment we label as Christian education?

  1. Pray-every day. It goes without saying, and yet, I couldn’t not say it. Parents must be daily in prayer for God’s work in their children’s lives. Pray that their hearts would be tender toward God’s Word, toward correction, and toward others. Pray for your child’s teacher and his classmates. These people are influencing your child. God has chosen to work in response to prayer, so parents should confidently bring requests for their children before God.
  2. Ask questions. We have chapel on Wednesdays. Each class has Bible every day. Parents should ask questions about what their children are learning in those settings. Your child is also learning on the playground and at lunch as well as in the academic classes. Not everything a child learns at school is learned from his teacher. You could ask what his friends are talking about. Ask how he felt during lunch or at recess.
  3. Get to know your child’s teacher. Our teachers welcome interaction with parents. We see ourselves as part of a team. It is pretty hard to play on a team until you get to know your teammates. What do your teacher’s bring to your child’s life that complements your parenting? What strengths and weaknesses do they see in your child that you may not see? When we are vulnerable with each other, we are able to accomplish much more than when we live in fear of one another.
  4. Be involved. One of the strengths of a small school is the need for parent involvement. You have an amazing opportunity to get to know your child’s classmates and to see your child in action in another environment. If you are not already signed up to help at school, ask Miss Unruh what you can do. It can be a one time stop, or there are ways you can be at school helping on a regular basis. We would love to have parents coming to sit with the kids at lunch and interact with them. You don’t have to tell us ahead of time you are coming. Just show up with a Sonic drink for Miss Unruh, and she will gladly let you in the door!
  5. Be patient. It takes time for some investments to show their return. Our children grow slowly. Just like they long for the day that they are tall enough to reach the shelf in the cupboard where you keep your dinner glasses, we long for them to grow mature enough to do their homework without being reminded. We wish for a week that they did not have to call us to return to school with some forgotten and urgently needed item. We want to see them grasping Biblical truth and making it their own. We want to see them grow up to be people investing their lives in others, serving and glorifying God. What an incredible expounding of your investment that will be! Christian education is only part of the investment you make in your child’s future. You invest in so many ways. As “investors” you get a front row seat to watch what God is doing in your child’s life. It’s definitely not easy, and it costs, but it’s worth it. Watch and see.