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Questions You Should Ask When Selecting a Christian School

At Newton Bible Christian School, we understand the importance of finding the right education for your children.  We know that this is a decision that is not taken lightly by godly parents.  We want to help. We have worked to compile the right questions to ask when choosing a Christian school. We've included the type of answers you should hear at a high quality institution. 

  Regarding Spiritual values
  • What observable outcomes of faith and practice do you want to see in your students? How do you observe them?   Are certain denominations or practices promoted or restricted?

    The best practice answer you should hear:
            The idea of “observable outcomes” is important. Of course a Christian school wants “godly, Christ-honoring” graduates. But how do they measure their success? Do they know what percentage of their graduates go on to Christian colleges? (Granted, that is not God’s will for every student.) How many are involved in churches of like faith five years after graduation?

  Regarding Peer climate


  •  Are students respectful toward each other and toward the adult staff?
            Are they kind?

    The best practice answer you should hear:
    If you are enrolling a student in kindergarten . . . you need to attend a high school athletic event. At least visit the cafeteria during high school lunch time. In these less structured moments, the behavior and attitudes of students indicate something about what the school really produces. Caution: you may be seeing the exception or the newcomer, but observe.

 Regarding Personal outcomes

  • What kind of character does the administration hope to develop?

    The best practice answer you should hear:
    The term servant leadership  is a very good answer, but it has become trite. Consider the following analytical questions.
    What kind of character awards are important here? (These may be awards like “servant leader,” or “student of the year” (or week, etc.), or “most valuable player” in sports.)   What is required to earn that recognition?
    The follow-up is what you are working toward: Tell me about some students who have earned that award recently. You should also hear some answers about how the students get involved in serving others. You should hear about how the school sponsers and encourages servant developing events and trips perhaps to local nursing homes or community events. 

Click below to download our free guide with these questions and 11 more essential questions to ask as you consider Christian school options for your children.  
​We will also give you the best practice answers that you should hear.  In addition, you'll benefit from 10 suggestions to consider when selecting a Christian school. This helpful guide has been used by many families in their decision-making process.  We hope you'll find it beneficial too. 

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